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Volunteers of the Month: Caz Vegas and StingRay

March 2017

17155508_994371883996592_1875034735984073265_nDouble Whammy! Congratulations to Caroline Worsell and Rachel Hurst (aka. Caz Vegas and StingRay) for both being voted February’s ‘Volunteer of the Month’. The ladies put a huge amount of work into making sure that our Officials bootcamp ran smoothly, running around making sure we had everything we needed and the event was promoted thoroughly. Vegas even took time out of her own schedule to provide first aid support on the day. Well done ladies! Teamwork makes the dream work!


Not Sorry Laurie makes Team Scotland final 20!

March 2017

W17039074_757626087730513_2306395032506896578_oe’re beyond excited to see that our Not Sorry Laurie has made Team Scotland’s final 20 squad!! We’re so proud of you Karen Laurie!



February 2017

Every month we grab one of our newbies and ask them all about their Derby experience so far. This month’s fresh perspective comes from Jordan Coles-  let’s hear what she has to say…

17021986_990339574399823_6690338001557447868_nHow did you hear about RDL?
“I heard about roller derby through my friend Gemma. She invited me to come with her to a newbies session at the start of January.”

How long have you been skating for?
“I’ve been skating now roughly 6-7 weeks and I’ve finally passed level 1!

What positive changes has Roller Derby bright into your life?
“Being part of roller derby has definitely helped me to be more confident as well as improve my fitness! When I go to training it’s like I dont have a care in the world and I’ve definitely come out of my shell a lot more since joining!

One of my absolute favourite things about RDL is the team, the people. Everybody is so friendly, welcoming and helpful! The moment I started I felt like I fit right in. Nobody judges, everybody helps each other and after each session I’m always smiling and laughing!

What are your future goals, both long term and short term?
“My future goals with RDL is to get mins passed and maybe one today potentially play on the team! Outside of RDL I’m working hard to complete my 2nd year at University and securing a future for me and my little one. A final long term goal is to finally drop all the baby weight and physically fit, roller derby definitely helps with that one!”

Thanks Jordan!  

Star Jackal for February: Smaller Mauller

February 2017

Drum roll please!!

16864123_989384424495338_5667538451779674159_nThis month’s ‘Star Jackal’ award goes to… SMALLER MAULER!

The coaches were really impressed with Michelle’s steady progress as she draws ever closer to passing her Minimum Skills. She’s always looking for ways to improve and is never too shy to join in any drills!

🎉Congratulations! 🎉

RDL Host… ‘Gaea Girls’

February 2017

This Friday, RDL hosted a screening of the amazing film ‘Gaea Girls’ as part of the national lead up to the RAI Film Festival. If you haven’t heard of the film, its a very unique look into the world of Japanese Women’s Wrestling. 


Gaea Girls focuses on the hopes and fears of the beleaguered Gaea Japan squad, whose reputation hangs by a thread after a series of setbacks in the ring. There is the spindly 16-year old who spent three years persuading her parents to let her join, the new recruit who ran away but has returned begging for a second chance, and the rookie desperate to make her debut in the ring. At the centre of the film is the tough but popular trainer who – with her own very particular philosophy and personal history – rules the girls, trying to fashion them in her own image.

Our screening had a full house, and everyone really enjoyed the film! If you do any kind of competitive sport, you MUST see this film. The mental and physical power of the girls is inspirational.  

Vile De Ville makes ref debut

February 2017

16406422_966385156795265_3563247761395307622_nWe love it when a skater earns their stripes! On the 28th January, our fabulous Vile De Ville made her debut as a referee at a TEAM ENGLAND training session. Congratulations Vile! You’ve done yourself and RDL proud!

Event Highlights: February

January 2017

Here’s what’s coming up over the next month!

5th Feb: Officials Bootcamp and Co-Ed Scrim @ Moat Community College
11th Feb: RDL vs. Arcadia Roller Derby (Away game hosted by Cheshire Hellcats)

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Jackal of the Month: Hannah Tribble

January 2017

Our January ‘Star Jackal’ award goes to…. Hannah Tribble!


This month, the coaching team were really impressed with Hannah’s amazing commitment and determination, both on and off the track. Hannah has been an amazing help with January’s kit audit, and is also showing great promise in our training sessions!


Midweek Madness: RDL vs. Mansfield Roller Derby (25/01/17)

January 2017

We’re massive fans of a midweek scrim here at RDL! Last night, we were joined by Mansfield Roller Derby for a friendly here in Leicester. Both teams played a great game, and we wish Mansfield the very best of luck in their first Champs game this weekend!


Match Report: Suffolk Roller Derby vs. RDL (21/01/17)

January 2017

Final Score: SRD 189- RDL 187


We had a great time playing against Suffolk Roller Derby yesterday! It was a close and exciting game but Suffolk clinched the all important points in the last jam to win 189-187! Congratulations to SRD!

Congratulations also goes to our three skaters who received awards:

Vile DeVille: Best Blocker
Not Sorry Laurie: Best Jammer
Zippy Kye Ay: MVP


January 2017

Our new Fresh Perspective comes from December’s ‘Star Jackal’, Lea Del Rosso. Let’s see how she’s getting on..


1. How did you hear about roller derby / RDL?
I heard about RDL from Leigh’ve Ya Behind, and came to see what roller derby is all about!

2. How long have you been skating?
Since September… it’s gone really fast!

3. What positive changes has roller derby brought into your life?
It’s an outlet for the pent up rage that you accumulate during the week 🙂

4. What’s your favourite things about RDL?
Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. There’s always someone willing to help and to give advice.

5. What are your future goals, both short term and long term?
At the moment, i just want to pass grade 3!

Star Jackal of the Month: Lea Del Rosso

December 2016

Our December ‘Star Jackal’ award goes to…. Lea Del Rosso!


Our December ”Star Jackal’ award goes to Lea Del Rosso!

The coaches were really impressed by Lea’s fast progress over the last few weeks. She always turns up to practice with great enthusiasm and attitude and is already showing great leadership skills in level 2 sessions.

Plus, we love it when she swears in French !

Well done- and keep up the good work!

Poppin’ Some Festive Cherries!

December 2016

It wasn’t just our A-Team getting some Derby action this month- Here’s Cleggo Blocks, Hell Oh Kitty, Jamberlina and Mighty Maus at a Christmas Cherry Popper hosted by Lincolnshire Bombers! Last weekend, they helped their Team Grinch to secure a win and picked up two awards in the process- Big congratulations to Jamberlina (Best Blocker) and Hell Oh Kitty (Best Jammer).


Manchester Roller Derby’s Furies Vs. RDL (11/12/17)

December 2016

Final Score: Furies 85, RDL 289rdl-vs-mrd-dec

With a December win already under their belt, our A-Team were ready for battle when they faced Manchester Roller Derby’s Furies last weekend. They were the dominant team right from the start, racking up points with an amazing final score of 289-85.

Congratulations to JFL (Best Blocker), Not Sorry Laurie (Best Jammer), Zippy Kye Ay (MVP) and CanTankerous (Best Take-Out).

Match Report: RDL vs. Bath Spartans (3/12/17)

December 2016

Final Score: RDL 177- Bath Spartans 162


Yesterday, our team faced Bath Spartans here on home turf and came away with a fantastic win, overturning a 49 point deficit at half time and cruising into the lead with a final score of 177.

Big congratulations to Vile De Ville (Best Blocker), Not Sorry Laurie (Best Jammer) and Zippy Kye Ay (MVP).



November 2016

It’s the return of…’FRESH PERSPECTIVE!’

Every month we’ll check in with one of our lovely new skaters and get their take on the weird and wonderful world of Roller Derby!


Take it away Ruth Northey! <3

“I heard about roller derby through a Facebook post on a local community page recommending going to see an upcoming game, especially if you have girls because of the strong female role models in the sport! So I went along to watch with my daughters!

A couple of months later I met an RDL skater and they encouraged me to come along and try a session. I’ve never looked back since!
I’ve been skating for 2 1/2 months and am getting close to achieving all my grade 2 skills.

Roller derby has made a huge difference to my life. I’ve been a single parent for 7 years and roller derby has given me something to do for myself which is so important when you spend most of your time caring for kids or working. I’ve also struggled to find exercise which I enjoy and roller derby definitely gives me a good workout twice a week.

My favourite thing about roller derby is the support you get – it’s great to have that encouragement and feel like people really want you to be a part of the team.

In the short term id like to progress onto grade 3 and spend some time working on those skills. In the long term I’d love to be part of a team and share amazing roller derby experiences!”

We’ll be watching your progress Ruth! Well done!

Jackal of the Month: Alison Clegg

November 2016


This month our coaches have decided to crown Alison Clegg (aka Cleggo Blocks) the Star Jackal for November!!

Ali has shown great determination working on her skills and fitness and the coaches have been impressed by her growing confidence and leadership on track.

She has also become a great mentor for our rookies and newbies, offering support and tips wherever she can!

Well deserved and well done!!

Match Report: Punt Rockers VS. RDL (15/10/16)

October 2016

Final Score: Punt Blockers 244- RDL141 (RollerBillies vs. Whippin Hinnies 220-146)

Saturday 15th saw our A-Team travel to Cambridge for a bout against the Punt Blockers. RDL’s match followed the game between home team Romsey Town Rollerbillies and Glasgow’s finest, The Whippin Hinnies- and boy, it was worth waiting for.

As the first game got under way, the Rollerbillies took the lead with stunning jams from Electro-cute and Diana Sprints. The Hinnies managed to keep the point scoring down to a minimum for the most of the first half, with great defence from Khal JoJo, Method Mam and Dislokate. But as the clock counted down, the Billies began to turn on the tactics, creating chances with powerjams and a very full penalty box. Their hard work paid off, with the Roller billies leading 131-59 as the whistles blew.

As the skaters took the track again for the second half, there seemed to be a energy surge on the Hinnies bench, as their jammers began to do everything they could to try and regain some ground. Stunning work from Joanna Bruisin’ and Bee pulled in some serious points and the score stood at 179-114 to the Billies with ten minutes to go. It wasn’t enough to slow down the home team though, who ended on a 220-146 lead at the final whistle.

RDL were looking to secure a strong win against the Punt Rockers, lead by newly appointed LUM Hatey Perrey. The game got off to a fast start, with slick and effective jams executed in style by Zippy Kye Ay and Not Sorry Laurie. With a 40-27 lead in the first ten minutes, RDL were looking good, with eye-watering blocks from Cas Vegas, CanTankerous and Vile DeVille. It wasn’t going to be an easy first half though, with the Punt Rockers fighting back to within 7 points of RDL and the scores standing at 90-83.

As the second half got underway, RDL pushed into offensive mode, with jammers Sharpe and Bailey battling through the pack to pick up points and increase their lead to 149-85. Punt Rockers capitalised on two very tense powerjams, with teamwork from Smacktivist and Jean Luc Hit Hard keeping RDL blockers at bay and pulling the score back to 168-114. With 10 minutes to go, RDL began to pull away from their opposition, picking up a huge 76 points and ending the game on 244-141.

Team Awards:

Best Jammer: Not Sorry Laurie
Best Blocker: Vile DeVille
MVP: Zippy Kye Ay

Keep posted for more news of upcoming games and fixtures!


Jackal of the Month: Rachel Hurst

October 2016

Congratulations to our Star Jackal of the Month for September, Rachel Hurst, seen here in the middle as part of the great support that cheered RDL on to victory at the weekend.

The award is voted on by the Coaching team, who were all in agreement that Rachel has continued to show a fantastic ‘never say die’ attitude, whilst really inspiring the skaters around her too. Huge well done Rachel!


Volunteer of the Month: Tracy Watson

October 2016

It’s that time again! Huge congratulations to Tracy Jane Watson (AKA Dis-Missile) for being voted the newest ‘Volunteer of the Month’ by our members.

Tracey has impressed everyone by jumping into her role as ‘League Liaison’ with amazing ease and she represents RDL on an weekly basis by officiating and taking on NSO roles at games all over the country. We’re so proud of you!


Future B Team stars win 4/6 awards in home mixed scrim

August 2016








RDL July Monday training goes ‘al Fresco’ in Abbey Park

August 2016