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Every month we grab one of our newbies and ask them all about their Derby experience so far. This month’s fresh perspective comes from Jordan Coles-  let’s hear what she has to say…

17021986_990339574399823_6690338001557447868_nHow did you hear about RDL?
“I heard about roller derby through my friend Gemma. She invited me to come with her to a newbies session at the start of January.”

How long have you been skating for?
“I’ve been skating now roughly 6-7 weeks and I’ve finally passed level 1!

What positive changes has Roller Derby bright into your life?
“Being part of roller derby has definitely helped me to be more confident as well as improve my fitness! When I go to training it’s like I dont have a care in the world and I’ve definitely come out of my shell a lot more since joining!

One of my absolute favourite things about RDL is the team, the people. Everybody is so friendly, welcoming and helpful! The moment I started I felt like I fit right in. Nobody judges, everybody helps each other and after each session I’m always smiling and laughing!

What are your future goals, both long term and short term?
“My future goals with RDL is to get mins passed and maybe one today potentially play on the team! Outside of RDL I’m working hard to complete my 2nd year at University and securing a future for me and my little one. A final long term goal is to finally drop all the baby weight and physically fit, roller derby definitely helps with that one!”

Thanks Jordan!