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Fresh Perspective: Caylee Gutsell


This Month’s fresh perspective comes from the lovely Caylee Gutsell!

How did you hear about RDL?

“I initially heard about RDL on Facebook a few years ago however I was quite busy with uni at the time but it popped up again recently and I thought it was perfect timing.”

How long have you been skating?

“I first skated in my Drama A level performance 7 years ago but I don’t think that counts as skating more like stumbling with wheels attached to me! So just a few short months since joining RDL in January.”

What positive changes has Roller Derby brought into your life?

“Roller Derby has brought so many positive changes to my life! Firstly it’s given me the chance to try something new without any pressure. Since finishing uni I’ve wanted to do more in my spare time, now I have some, in particular something physical and I’ve genuinely found myself being a lot happier. I’ve also been able to make new like minded friends and do something just for me. It’s the perfect balance of fitness and fun for me.”

What are your favourite things about RDL?

“My favourite thing about RDL is the atmosphere as it’s so positive and friendly. I also love that RDL understands everyone learns in different ways and swapping the coaches around enables us to learn skills from different coaches teaching in different ways until it just clicks.”

What are your future goals, both short term and long term?

“My short term future goals are to buy my full kit so I can start going to more training sessions and learn more exciting stuff! Long term I would love to continue to learn and eventually be able to play a game and invite my friends and family to watch me. I’d also love to make some long lasting RDL friendships.”

Thank Caylee!