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It’s time for another ‘Fresh Perspective’! And this month we’ve been chatting to the lovely Becky Handley! Becky’s been super busy at the moment- becoming an RDL member and getting to grips with midweek sessions, as well as trying her hand at being an NSO!

Let’s see what she had to say…

1. How did you hear about Roller Derby/RDL?
-The first time I heard about roller derby was through the film ‘Whip It’. I just thought it looked amazing and I started looking almost immediately at where I could go to give it a try, but unfortunately I’m from a very small town and I couldn’t get to any of the training sessions that were near me at the time. I then had one of my best friends start training with the Hallam Hellcats in Sheffield and she absolutely loved it so that sealed it for me that when given the opportunity to try roller derby for myself I would.

My chance to have a go came with moving to Leicester for uni and seeing people on roller skates at events with derby t-shirts which made me think that there had to be a Derby team around and a quick look on google I found RDL! It took me a while to be brave enough to actually come to a session but I managed it in the end!

2. How long have you been skating?
-I started on January 8th 2017 so I am coming up on my 10th week at RDL.

3. What positive changes has roller derby brought in to your life?
-Where do I start?!? Firstly the amazing people I have met. I’m someone who struggles with meeting people and making friends but I’ve felt so accepted and supported right from the start at RDL. I’ve never felt like an outsider and that’s just been amazing for a quiet, little weirdo like me!

Then, there’s the fact that since starting I’ve just been happier and even if I’m stressed with uni, roller derby has given me something to look forward too and keep me going. I have really struggled with my mental health in the past and I can safely say that roller derby has really helped me to keep conquering that battle in 2017. Starting to do roller derby is one of the best decisions I ever made.

4. What are your favourite things about RDL?
-Everyone at RDL! Whether they’re a skater, an NSO, a ref or all of the above, there is not one person who isn’t 100% ready to be there for a newbie with advice, guidance and support! You feel a part of RDL right from the start and that is completely to do with the amazing environment that has been created by the people within it. Finding RDL has made Leicester feel like a place I can call home.

5. What are your future goals, both short term and long term?
-My future goals are to get mins passed, manage an apex jump (at least once!), and hopefully become a part of the RDL team (one day!) and to just make everyone at RDL proud.

I also want to carry on learning more about the non-skating roles as these have been an amazing experience which have helped me learn more about the rules but also feel a part of the roller derby world really early on in my derby life.

Long term would be to become as amazingly awesome as Bonnie Thunders but that one may be considered more a dream than a goal! It would require a miracle I think! ?

Outside of RDL, my goals are to pass my first year of university and to just keep feeling happier and more confident. With roller derby’s help, I think I will manage it!