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Match Report: Punt Rockers VS. RDL (15/10/16)

Final Score: Punt Blockers 244- RDL141 (RollerBillies vs. Whippin Hinnies 220-146)

Saturday 15th saw our A-Team travel to Cambridge for a bout against the Punt Blockers. RDL’s match followed the game between home team Romsey Town Rollerbillies and Glasgow’s finest, The Whippin Hinnies- and boy, it was worth waiting for.

As the first game got under way, the Rollerbillies took the lead with stunning jams from Electro-cute and Diana Sprints. The Hinnies managed to keep the point scoring down to a minimum for the most of the first half, with great defence from Khal JoJo, Method Mam and Dislokate. But as the clock counted down, the Billies began to turn on the tactics, creating chances with powerjams and a very full penalty box. Their hard work paid off, with the Roller billies leading 131-59 as the whistles blew.

As the skaters took the track again for the second half, there seemed to be a energy surge on the Hinnies bench, as their jammers began to do everything they could to try and regain some ground. Stunning work from Joanna Bruisin’ and Bee pulled in some serious points and the score stood at 179-114 to the Billies with ten minutes to go. It wasn’t enough to slow down the home team though, who ended on a 220-146 lead at the final whistle.

RDL were looking to secure a strong win against the Punt Rockers, lead by newly appointed LUM Hatey Perrey. The game got off to a fast start, with slick and effective jams executed in style by Zippy Kye Ay and Not Sorry Laurie. With a 40-27 lead in the first ten minutes, RDL were looking good, with eye-watering blocks from Cas Vegas, CanTankerous and Vile DeVille. It wasn’t going to be an easy first half though, with the Punt Rockers fighting back to within 7 points of RDL and the scores standing at 90-83.

As the second half got underway, RDL pushed into offensive mode, with jammers Sharpe and Bailey battling through the pack to pick up points and increase their lead to 149-85. Punt Rockers capitalised on two very tense powerjams, with teamwork from Smacktivist and Jean Luc Hit Hard keeping RDL blockers at bay and pulling the score back to 168-114. With 10 minutes to go, RDL began to pull away from their opposition, picking up a huge 76 points and ending the game on 244-141.

Team Awards:

Best Jammer: Not Sorry Laurie
Best Blocker: Vile DeVille
MVP: Zippy Kye Ay

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