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RDL Host… ‘Gaea Girls’

This Friday, RDL hosted a screening of the amazing film ‘Gaea Girls’ as part of the national lead up to the RAI Film Festival. If you haven’t heard of the film, its a very unique look into the world of Japanese Women’s Wrestling. 


Gaea Girls focuses on the hopes and fears of the beleaguered Gaea Japan squad, whose reputation hangs by a thread after a series of setbacks in the ring. There is the spindly 16-year old who spent three years persuading her parents to let her join, the new recruit who ran away but has returned begging for a second chance, and the rookie desperate to make her debut in the ring. At the centre of the film is the tough but popular trainer who – with her own very particular philosophy and personal history – rules the girls, trying to fashion them in her own image.

Our screening had a full house, and everyone really enjoyed the film! If you do any kind of competitive sport, you MUST see this film. The mental and physical power of the girls is inspirational.